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May 8th Haiku – Hangover

Will another pint Of delicious cold Guinness Make me feel better ? ...
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May 7th Haiku – Death

Wonderful night out Loud music sequinned dresses I won't forget you ...
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May 6th Haiku – Astra

I love my Astra It growls and leaks and stutters Best car in the world ...
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May 5th Haiku – Tuesday

I worked hard today With good company and food We got a lot done ...
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May 4th Haiku – Bugs Birthday

Three or four or five? We celebrate with cat toys Scumspawn is confused ...
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May 3rd Haiku – Spectres

I picked fresh bramble But you are so big you fall Hugely to the floor ...
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May 2nd Haiku – Unicum

Unicorn semen? One shot equals three hours sleep And a huge headache ...
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May 1st Haiku – “Do you feel rested?”

I don't feel rested I worry I've forgotten How to do my job ...
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April Haiku Day 30 – Service

Has it been serviced? I normally kill my car way before that point ...
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April Haiku Day 29 – Rain

I liked the idea of a windy rainy day Now I know that's wrong ...
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April Haiku Day 28 – Lost Dog

Lost dog found today Saved from railway lines and roads Taken to the pound ...
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April Haiku Day 27 – Painting

I painted for hours It looks like I've done nothing Polishing dog turds ...
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April Haiku Day 26 – Werewolf

Two Wolves against you Twelve villagers and vampires Brilliant win by Wolves! (This is about a game I play as much as I can because it is very good fun sitting in a pub, lying your face off and burning people at the stake). ...
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April Haiku Day 25

Felt fine when I woke Now the hangover is here I will never learn ...
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April Haiku Day 24 – Fixing Things

The fence is put up With help and a little blood The cats don't like it ...
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April Haiku Day 23 – Day Out

Little villages With wonderful museums And nice cups of tea ...
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April Haiku Day 22 – DIY

The wall is sanded paper to cover woodchip ready to paste on ...
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April Haiku Day 21 – Deadlines

Three days to go now It's all out of my control I hope we have time ...
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April Haiku Day 20 – Fat

Eleven stone six Three pounds lighter than last weekJust five more to go ...
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April Haiku Day 19 – Windy

Too windy outside But the clothes have all dried now Inside is warmer ...
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April Haiku Day 18 – Saturday

Sofa sunbathing Under a blanket and warm Too windy outside ...
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April Haiku Day 17 – Alphabetical

Organised records from Abba to Frank Zappa no space for more though ...
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April Haiku Day 16 – Running

Running with no shoes Makes you run on tippy toes New bits of me hurt ...
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April Haiku Day 15 – Carrots

I will plant carrots In the freshly dug warm soil So the slugs can feast ...
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April Haiku Day 14 – So Tired Again

The sleep theme recurs Because I'm awake at night Today I'm wiped out ...
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April Haiku Day 13 – Fucking Menopause

Fucking menopause I can't regulate my heat Just let me grow old ...
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April Haiku Day 12 – Pizza

Delicious Pizza Overlapping a large plate Please can I have two ...
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April Haiku Day 11 – Saturday

Saturday was good Spoke to my sis, ate nice food Saw a scary film ...
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April Haiku Day 10 – Naps

I was just so tired So I moved the cat and slept Brain fuzzier now ...
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Haiku April Day 9 – Blade Runner

Cinema tonight Blade Runner The Final Cut Very excited! ...
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Haiku April Day 8 – Pints

Five pint afternoon Was not such a good idea Chinese burns my throat ...
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Haiku April Day 7 – Limbo

In deadline limbo Waiting for questions answered No work for me yet ...
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Haiku April Day 6 – Bank Holiday

Eating lunch outside For the first time in a while You had sun, I shade ...
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Haiku April Day 5 – Car Boot

You sneered at my stuff I had carefully displayed But the sun shone bright ...
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Haiku April Day 4 – Ash Trees

Balletic chainsaw Dances through the ash branches I have wood to carve ...
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Haiku April Day 3 – Gingerbread House

My gingerbread houseLooks as crappy as I feelBut tastes much nicer ...
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Haiku April Day 2 – Rain

I would like to be Digging underneath my tree But it's pissing down ...
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Haiku April Day 1 – Cat v Book

Purring fluff ball cat Will not stop until she is Obscuring my book ...
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Nailbinding with Blanket Stitch Video

Huge thanks to Anneka from the Freemen of Gwent for sharing this technique with me. It's a version of the predecessor to knitting called Nailbinding or Naalbinding which means binding with a needle in Danish. It uses short bits of yarn and a darning needle. They had made fingerless gloves with this techique that looked a little like this image ...
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