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Every Record I Own – B is for Bauhaus

Bauhaus ‎– 1979-1983

This has a few tracks on it I like, from when Goths were Goths and didn’t smile. I still like Dark Entries and the Passion of Lovers but some of it just makes me want to bite people. The first track on the first side I just want to take a fucking pair of nail scissors to, it’s total crap. Some of it is sheer comedy hammer horror parody, with a bit of Iggy and Ziggy on bad days thrown in for good measure. Some if it has hypnotic guitar riffs and a raised blood pressure heartbeat drumbeat, those are the good bits.

There is a band called the Bus Station Loonies from Plymouth who used to pack tiny pubs with Goths who would stay to hear about 90 seconds of a Sisters of Mercy riff, then they would leave. I feel the same about this album. I can stay for bits of it. I can stay for a whole BSL set.

I can’t work out and I can’t remember if the tracks are in order of years, there are no clues on the cover or inner sleeves. This has been truly painful listening. In fact, I gave up.

Beggars Banquet ‎– BEGA 64
2 × Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Limited Edition, Numbered



  • A1 Double Dare
  • A2 In The Flat Field
  • A3 Dark Entries
  • A4 Stigmata Martyr
  • A5 Bela Lugosi’s Dead
  • B1 Telegram Sam
  • B2 St. Vitus Dance
  • B3 Spy In The Cab
  • B4 Terror Couple Kill Colonel
  • B5 Passion Of Lovers
  • B6 Mask
  • C1 Kick In The Eye
  • C2 Hollow Hills
  • C3 In Fear Of Fear
  • C4 Ziggy Stardust
  • C5 Silent Hedges
  • C6 Lagartija Nick
  • D1 Third Uncle
  • D2 Spirit
  • D3 All We Ever Wanted Was Everything
  • D4 She’s In Parties
  • D5 Sanity Assassin
  • D6 Crowds

Black Bunting of Joy

black bunting

At the first hint of summer this is going into my garden to tell the neighbours what’s what and don’t mess with me mutha. Or maybe I’ll just keep in in my crying room and put on some Joy Division. Whatever.

It’s long which is always a good thing, and big which is also nice. Three and a half meters of black bunting joy. Thirteen pennants hand fashioned from the souls of bankers. For sale on Folksy.

Rude Mothers Day Cards – Sorry I made you so fat

rude mothers day card











I love you because the voices tell me to – Anti Valentines Day Card

What else do the voices tell you to do?

This Steampunk anti Valentines day card features a composite picture anatomy drawings and diagrams of machinery.
The card is of the deepest darkest black and is 5 1/2 inch square. It comes with a jolly bright pink envelope to lighten the mood, or lull the recipient into a false sense of security.
The inside of the card has a paler pink heart to write on, or tear off, if you are in that sort of mood.

Or you can buy directly from here with Paypal for £4.50 with free postage and packing

I love him because the voices tell me to – Anti Valentines Day T-shirt

Mecanical anatomy drawings consipire to make a Gothy Steampunk heart with a message – what do the voices tell you to do?