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April Haiku Day 30 – Service

Has it been serviced?
I normally kill my car
way before that point

April Haiku Day 28 – Lost Dog

Lost dog found today
Saved from railway lines and roads
Taken to the pound

April Haiku Day 27 – Painting

I painted for hours
It looks like I’ve done nothing
Polishing dog turds

April Haiku Day 26 – Werewolf

Two Wolves against you
Twelve villagers and vampires
Brilliant win by Wolves!


(This is about a game I play as much as I can because it is very good fun sitting in a pub, lying your face off and burning people at the stake).

April Haiku Day 25

Felt fine when I woke
Now the hangover is here
I will never learn

April Haiku Day 24 – Fixing Things

The fence is put up
With help and a little blood
The cats don’t like it

April Haiku Day 23 – Day Out

Little villages
With wonderful museums
And nice cups of tea

April Haiku Day 22 – DIY

The wall is sanded
paper to cover woodchip
ready to paste on

April Haiku Day 21 – Deadlines

Three days to go now
It’s all out of my control
I hope we have time

April Haiku Day 20 – Fat

Eleven stone six
Three pounds lighter than last weekJust five more to go